The Ride To Nowhere In South Africa Is A Very Popular Cultural Event

The simple fact the event is called ‘Ride to Nowhere‘ is marketing genius because it grabs people’s attention. This isn’t the first time this event has been held, and it isn’t going to be the last. If you are wondering what time of the year to be prepared for the Ride to Nowhere in South Africa, it is held in the middle of September. It is also a little different from year to year, with various side attractions and all kinds of things going on.

My niece’s husband and his family are from South Africa, and they just got done visiting there last year. They went in October, so they missed the Ride to Nowhere. I have never talked to them about this event, and it makes me want to do that. It is a popular annual event for sure. To be blunt and general, it is a mountain bike race, and it lasts three whole days. Again, however, there is much more to it than that.

Do you have to be a mountain bike racer to get involved? The answer is no. As mentioned, there are plenty of other things going on for sure. If you do decide to participate in the race, you might wonder what type of distance you have to ride. What if you were told it is a total of 60 kilometers a day? That is a rather large number!

Now, one way to convey to you that there is something for everyone at this annual racing event is to tell you that it is aimed at families. Some of the things that have been part of the event in past years include kiddie races, prize drawings, wine tastings and more. You can just imagine what 2017 is going to bring to the Ride to Nowhere in South Africa event.

People are getting excited, as it is just a short season away. You and your family can enjoy three fun filled days in South Africa spectating this event. The event has a website for registration and to find out more information about what will take place this year. Seeing that it is a three day event can cause you to wonder if the race continues on to other places; however, it actually comes right back to McGregor each day and starts at the same spot.

It is all kinds of fun as you can now see. Now you can put a face or place on ‘nowhere,’ but it is still a catchy name. So are you going to sign up? Maybe you and your family are going to be in South Africa during that time, and you just want to go spectate and check out an event that showcases the area’s culture. This is a good one, and you are going to find all kinds of other wonderful things to enjoy. If you are ready to start planning the rest of your trip, go for it, and just think about all the fun you will have on the Ride to Nowhere!