Here’s How To Improve Biking Skills

Biking is considered an enjoyable sport. Aside from the fact that it takes you to places, it is also a good workout, which actually results in a number of health benefits. The sport could help you lose some excess fat, improve strength, develop endurance and increase stamina. Another reason why there are many people who like to bike is that biking make it possible to freely explore the natural terrain. To some, biking is a form of workout, but for some who have learned to love the sport, it is more than just a physical activity that helps you lose weight. It has become a hobby and an important part of life. Biking may sound as easy as pie, but in truth, it requires technical skills which one has to develop to make the most out of the biking experience.

Here are some tips to improve biking skills:

biking skills

#1 Relax

The most basic tip every biker should know to improve biking skills is to relax. It is a bit challenging to relax when riding a difficult terrain. You may have to consistently remind yourself to relax especially your arms and legs. This is because a tense body magnifies all of the bumps on the trail and bounces you around. Once you relax, it will not be very difficult to overcome the obstacles along the way.

#2 Maintain Your Bike

A perfectly-conditioned bike really affects biking performance. Before you ride, check all the gears, brakes, frames and wheels for possible problems. Make sure that your ride is comfortable as possible. When your bike is in perfect shape, you can focus on improving your performance instead of being worried about your bike’s condition.

#3 Control the Brakes

Better braking will allow for better bike control. Learning how and when to use the brakes effectively will contribute to the improvement of your biking skills. Always remember to apply the brakes before an obstacle, not in the middle of it. Also, setting up your brake levers will really improve your sense of control.  Most of your braking power comes from the front brake. But be careful not to use it too much if you are going downhill or cornering. Mastering the art of breaking will help you improve your biking skills.

#4 Light Hands, Heavy Feet

This is the key to safe, effective riding. When you’re riding downhill, keep your hands neutral on the bars and stand with all of your weight on your pedals. Adjust your position to keep your hands light and keep your butt away from the seat. Mastering this trick will eventually result to improved biking skills.

#5 Focus on Where You Want to Go

This is called target fixation. When you are on the trail, look where you want to go, not on where you want to avoid. If you are riding on trails with plenty of roots and rocks, looking at the rock or tree that you are trying to avoid will most probably result in hitting it. Always look ahead and find the line that you want to take and focus on it.

#6 Ride with Better Riders

Riders with more experience are generally better riders. Riding with them will not only help you to push yourself a little harder but also help you learn some tips to improve biking skills. You can watch how they handle the challenges of the trails or even some skills for minor repairs such as fixing a flat tire. With the huge number of bikers, finding a group of bikers in your area is guaranteed.

#7 Always Ride

The more time that you spend on your bike, the better you will get. There’s nothing better for mastering skills than repetition. Master some local trails then find something new and more challenging. New trails and challenges will make your ride more exciting.  The experience will surely help you improve your biking skills. So gear up and get out and ride.

Lastly, believe in yourself. The strongest factor of success is self-esteem. As the saying goes, “Believe that you can and you are halfway there.”

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