Top 5 Bicycle Destinations

As cycling holidays grow to be the very first choice of travel for an increasing number of us, there isn’t any shortage of spots to conquer. At times whenever traveling, a car could move very fast and walking could be very slow. Cycling through the middle of the two is bicycle travel, and it is among the fastest-growing industries when it comes to travel, having major operators reporting outstanding growth in cycling vacations.

We run a countdown with the top 5 countries and find out the reasons why these destinations are so popular for bicycle touring.


Australia is the place you go to look for privacy. The burning red center provides endless dirt trails, wide open horizons, as well as a warm climate. Across the coastal areas, you’ll discover a range of landscapes such as alpine regions in snow, endless shorelines, coral reefs and rich jungles. There’s plenty of small historical towns along the route, and in case you enter one of the pubs you’ll find out the unique Australians which frequent them!

Exactly where in Australia?
Buntine Highway, The Great Dividing Range, the Outback.


Tajikistan, as well as the Pamir Highway, specifically are a bike touring favorite. Even though a superhighway of bike tourers during the summer time, the road is still challenging and testing of you as well as your own equipment. Ride alongside rollercoaster parts of the road, beyond rusting tanks as well as falling apart watchtowers, alongside aqua blue lakes and parallel to untouched mountain ranges.

Exactly where in Tajikistan?
Wakhan Corridor, Pamir Mountains.


Argentina provides a fantastic high altitude scenery. The tough environment in addition to the low traffic volumes and ideal gravel roads leads to the overwhelming sense of solitude. Argentina is wild camping haven and you’ll discover mountain passes for a few days across the Chilean border!

Where in Argentina?
San Pedro to Cachi, Andes, Patagonia, Pasos de San Francisco, Pasos de Agua Negra, North West.

United States of America

The USA is a remarkably rich network of spectacular scenery. The surroundings is anything from rock formations to wide desert areas to redwood forests. There are ample low-traffic roads to have to yourself, or else you could pick well-known bike tracks like the Pacific Coast to come across like-minded bike tourers. The weather is constantly mild someplace in the USA and you’ll discover plenty of infrastructure (for example, campgrounds as well as food shops) for bicycle riders.

Exactly where in the USA?
The Mojave Desert, The Great Divide, Northern Arizona, Southern Utah, Mississippi River Trail, Pacific Coast, Dalton Highway (Northern Alaska), Vermont, Redwoods.


It is a spot in which nature rules. Chile will toss wild weather towards you while you ride around peaceful gravel roads, over pine forests, beyond large lakes, throughout mountain passes, and alongside snowy mountain ranges. However, that doesn’t mean much since Chile is wild camping heaven, incredible landscapes, and seclusion at its very best. Pay a visit to Chile and you’ll never ever feel much more alive.

Where in Chile?
Patagonia, Sico Pass, Lake District, Puna de Atacama, Carretera Austral.